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You can activate search properties queries with the tag field. Typing “Netigma” in the tag field will be enough to use the search engine in the main page. Queries will be included to the search process in this case. More than one query may be specified in the search engine.

Searches are done according to the query criteria. Typing the query “Government” for example. If the query “President” is present, the result will end up in the “President” field.

Search field in the main page will appear when the query is tagged “Netigma” at least once.


Search Suggestions

You may process detailed search using the suggestions appearing in the search field while you type. If you choose the suggestion “Parcel” for example, search process will be done in this query.

Square brackets aqcuire area names. Search will process according to these area names.

Searches may also be done by specifying only one partion of the area name. Searches such as “Area>50” in the “Parcel” table uses the code “[Parcel Area]>50”.


Search Results

If more than one result occurs in the process search, query names and the number of results will appear Clicking on the link desired will open the query

If only one result is found, the query result will appear

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