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Netcad Mentions the Importance of Integration in Spatial Data Applications in FIG Working Week

January,01 2015

FIG Working Week, an event that gathers the surveyors from all over the World, was organized between the dates of 17-21 May 2015 in Bulgaria.  Netcad, one of the pioneer software firms in Turkey, was the center of interest with its presentation titled “The Importance of Integration in Spatial Data Applications”.

FIG, visited by over 800 participants, was organized as a working week for the first time this year. Netcad was presented by Dr. Emin BANK, Corporate Representative of the firm. In his presentation titled as “The Importance of Integration in Spatial Data Applications”, Mr. Bank underlined the duties that INSPIRE impose to institutions in Turkey as well as the solutions of Netcad which enable the institutions to realize that works simply and quickly.

In the presentation, the sections of Netcad’s ready templates for INSPIRE data themes, quick and easy transfer of CAD/GIS data and the simple integration with MIS and e-government services were highly attracted attention.