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“ANALIST” is a Netcad program that basic and advanced topographic, hidrotopografik analysis of hydrologic and environmental analysis, as well as remote sensing techniques and satellite images; basic and advanced spatial analysis can be made and the accuracy of those analysis can be measured by different methods.

ANALIST application is equipped with very rich analysis capabilities. ANALIST uses heavily the Netcad Architect structure. The commands given under the ANALIST module is a small percentage of the analysis can be done with Architect. It is possible to make very complex analysis using the operator presented in the architect details.

Surface Analysis

ANALIST; Elevation, Slope, Aspect (Direction), visibility analysis and relief maps of various properties can be prepared.

ANALIST; the height of the second derivative of topographical and hydro-topographic analysis;

  • Plan and profile curvature of the Slope (Gallant ve Wilson, 2000), 
  • Incline of a slope (Horn, 1981, Sonlu Farklar Wilson ve Gallant, 2000), 
  • Slope Direction (Horn, 1981, Sonlu Farklar Wilson ve Gallant, 2000) , 
  • Roughness (Relative Position, Slope Variability, Standart Deviation of Elevation, TRI/Riley)
  • Therman Load Index (Bruce and Dylan, 2002)
  • River Erosion Power (SPI)
  • Spesific Basin Area
  • Sediment Carrying Capacity Index(LS)
  • Tophographic Humidity Index (TWI), 
  • Annual Solar Radiaton (Bruce ve Dylan 2002) Analysis can be performed with only height entry to different scientific methods.

Image Analysis with Remote Sensing Techniques

ANALIST offers the possibility of different analyzes using remote sensing satellite imagery.

ANALIST, the images obtained from different sensors on different features;

  • Image Pre-Processing | Geometric Correction, Band Operations, Tessellation
  • Image Enhancement | Atmospheric correction, Filtering, Histogram, Color Settings / Stabilization, Recovery, Principal Component Analysis, Stress-correlation,
  • Image Analysis | Classification (controlled / uncontrolled) Accuracy Analysis Group / pixel classification, Band Arithmetic, Change Analysis, Layer Separation / Save
  • Reporting | Vectorization, Georeport processes can be applied.



Basic and Advanced Locational Analysis

It containts some ready operators and some ready to use modles such as;

Besides the Regarded as the basic locational analysis Buffer and multi Buffer, Voronoi and Overlay;

  • Mamdani Blurry Modeling(FIS)Modified Analytic Hierarchy Process (m-AHP) expert based analysis methods
  • Weighted Overlay  data-driven analysis methods,
  • Logistic Regression (LR) statistical analysis methods

Advanced locational analysis can be made with the help of  the ready operator and models, lots of rasters and vectors used entries.

Advanced modeling tools are defined under the general titles 'artificial intelligence' and 'data mining'. Both metods also aim, “First learn then inference”. The trust which is to be given to analist inference is done with ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) 

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