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Action Concept


Netigma Actions are used in

  • Menu definition
  • Display editors 

They determine how the link works when your end users interact with that link. In NETIGMA there are lots of action types. This section intends to show how you should specify the properties of the action, depending on its type.


Actions in Menu Definition

When you add/edit menu from menu operations, you see Action dropdown list. Here depending on your selection, the created menu act with the logic of the selected action definition. As you select an action from the dropdown list, the parameters for this action will be active, and you are going to fill these parameters.

If a Web Link Action is defined then the Target attribute must be left blank 


Actions in Display Editors

Display editors are one of the properties of the data fields. With action concept, you would define how display editor should behave with the end user interaction.

Here you select an action type from the dropdown list, depending on your selection the properties panel refresh with the corresponding parameters.