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Add Data 


A Data Insertion Process is a type of process / action that adds data to a specified table according to the parameters received by clicking on an interface, such as a button / link.  

It can be used in the operation type, data source display editor etc. 

Operation Features

Table Name: The property to which the table is added is defined by the name of the table.  

Areas: It is the property defined by the columns of the table to which the record is to be added. The column name should be written in the Name field on the detail identification page. Any value can be given by selecting "User Defined" in the Type field. In empty fields, the value in the database can be made null using the keyword NULL. By selecting "Parametric", an area connected to the relative lock can be selected. 

Display View

The above screen display shows how the field defined as data insertion appears in the query result list.