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Add Multi-Pit

Add Multiple Quarries operation allows the addition of multiple quarry designs into a single quarry design. 

Unlike the Add Multiple Quarries operation, when you right-click on the quarry lines, there are options to Combine by XY plane and Add Quarry. 

Merging According to XY Plane operation is used to add multiple quarries using two intersecting quarry lines. Once the two lines intersecting on the 3D screen are selected, these lines will automatically be merged and added to the bottom of the quarry lines. After performing the Default Step Definition after the process, when the Create Steps Automatically is entered, the process is completed by selecting the Quarry Bottom and Top Line. Refresh All Surfaces is applied to view the result status. 

With the addition of the quarry, the design of the quarries designed earlier can combine more than one quarry design in a single quarry design. You can make the selection of the quarries of the previously created quarries with the help of the "Select stoves, of which you would like to add the lines" window to be added to the multi quarries. Refresh All Surfaces is applied to view the result status. 

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