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Architect is an application used for creating, managing and editing workflow with the help of operators. You can design your own operations with workflows and you can get outputs in a single step.



Add Directory to Operator Tree: Adds Workflows in a selected directory as Operators. In this way, workflows can be used as building blocks. Workflows formed like that can be dissociated with Ungroup.

Save and Add to Operator Tree: Saves open workflow and adds it to the operator tree.

Run: Runs the workflow created. Workflows can run without opening the Architect. (?)

Properties: Variables in the workflow created are opened as a window and they can be changed. Variables to be asked when running the workflow will be listed.

Group/Ungroup: Groups the operators.

Lock Selected Operators: Enables parameters of the same type of operators to be modified at once. If a locked operator is selected, Unlock option appears.

For Adding Operators and Linking Operators ..

To add an operator, it is sufficient to

  • Double click from the tree
  • Drag and drop from the tree
  • Search and enter the operator from the search box
  • Right click on input or output of an operator and select the add compatible operator
  • Paste copied Operator/Workflow


Operators are then linked to each other by drag and drop to compliant output, compliant input. If the link is suitable, it will be green; if not, it will be red. Type of each input can be different in operators that can receive multiple inputs. At the connection stage, the operator will automatically show all connections.

Operator Parameters

Each operator has parameters. These parameters are generally opened by double-clicking on the operator in the design phase. Alternatively, right click Edit may also be used. When a workflow runs, all parameters will be asked. This may often create an unnecessary and uncomfortable situation. You can choose the parameters to be asked from Workflow Properties. Values of those who are not asked will be the default in the operator.

If the workflows are not executable, it is indicated in the status bar of Architect. Start operators on the left side of the workflow must not have inputs.

Architect is minimized when it runs the workflow and an icon appears indicating Architect is on. When the workflow runs outside Architect other it is not different from other Netcad commands.



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