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Report Block Models

The block model produced in the quarry with the help of the Create Between Blocks / Generate Block Model process and Max. Calculation of volume values at the dense interval, the analysis value range and using a specified reporting interval. 

In order to continue this calculation, it is necessary to assign the analysis value by applying the estimation process on the block model generated in the quarry after the Interval / Block Model generation process. 

The block model to be generated from the graphical screen is selected. Attribute selection is done from window opened after selection process. 

The appropriate parameters are selected from the Report Block Model window that opens after selecting the attribute. 

After the parameter selection, the directory and file name to save the volume results as excel is determined. 

When the report window is selected and the window is closed with OK, a warning window will be opened to refresh the surfaces. If the surface was renewed on the quarry earlier, the warning popped up is passed to No and the volume account is executed. 

After the block model report, the excel report is produced as the output result. The following results are displayed in the corresponding report:

  • Z Range
  • Volume
  • Block Calorie Range
  • Block Calorie Volume
  • Block Calorie Weight
  • Average Calorie
  • Median Calorie

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