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Add Blast 

It is the part where the detonation design is added to the database in the direction of parameters given in General Detonation Characteristics.

Using Add Detonation, form, upon which the calculations and assessments will be carried out for detonation design and at the end, added to data catalog.


It is the tab where general information relating to detonation design is described.

  • Detonation Name, Machine, Detonation, Bore Diameter, Riser and Detonation Order are obligatory parameters.
  • As soon as the Machine (Driller) is selected, Bore Diameter given in General Information is automatically added.
  • Unless the Active Explosive Diameter value is determined by the user, Bore Diameter will be used in calculations.
  • Area Length and Area Width is automatically defined from the selected surface but it can also be written in meters by the user.

 Bore Information

It is the tab where the features belonging to one hole on a step and distances between the holes are calculated according to approaches defined earlier or where these parameters are defined by the user.

If no calculation shall be used, then it is obligatory for user to define the values of Hole Load Distance, Distance Between Holes and Hole Length.

If calculation shall be used;
Calculation Methods are selected from the look-up menu and automatic calculation button is clicked. If Drilling Angle will be defined by the user; checkbox is ticked up and angle value is entered to the box right by it. Calculation Method is selected, then calculation is done via Calculate Automatically button.


It is the section where technical and economical assessment take place.

Total Amount of Holes

After the surface is selected, all metric values of holes to be created by the programme is shown here.

Total Charge Amount

After the surface is selected, it gives the total calculated charge amount in kilograms.

Specific Hole AmountIt shows the amount of holes per cubic meter.
Specific Charge Amount

It shows how many kilograms of charge there is per cubic meter.

Total Cost

It is the Turkish Lira value defined by the user.

Specific CostTotal TL spent per cubic meter.

Particle size, tab status and explanation can be defined by the user in this form in order to assess the detonation status. 

 Grain Size Calculation

It is the form where grain size distribution is calculated and its graphic being drawn after detonation. 

After the required parameters are entered by the user, "Average Grain Size, Xm" and "Fixed Size Grain Calculation, n" are calculated via the three dot (...) button on the right-hand side. Grain size graphic is created as an Excel sheet when "Grain Size Graphic" button is clicked on the top right. 

Kuzz-Ram model is used in grain size calculation. 


Non discontinuity maximum mass (m)


Adopted drilling patern dimension (m)

JPSVertical joint spacing
<0.1 m10
In the range of 0.1 - MS20
In the range of MS - DP50
JPAJoint direction angle
Towarding out of the surface20
Perpendicular to the surface30
Into the surface40
RMDRock mass definition
Vertical jointedJF

After the general and hole information data is entered, when the window is closed with OK button, new detonation shall be added under Data Catalog / Detonations. 


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