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General Characteristics of Blast

The field where all the parameters (drilling machine, explosive, calculations ... etc) are determined during detonation design. 

 Machine (Driller)

This form has 21 registered drillers. With the button under the form, the user can define as many machines as he wants. 


The program offers 13 registered explosives and features to the user's choice. In addition to this, you can delete with + and delete with - buttons. Corrections are made on the specified explosives. 

 Hole Colors

The color of the holes, compression, column charge and bottom charge will be determined from this window. 

 Calculation Coefficients

A total of 7 approaches are used in detonation calculations:

  • Anderson,
  • Ash,
  • Pearse,
  • Lopez Jimeno,
  • Konya,
  • Sweden,
  • Langefors approaches.

User-defined parameters is not required only for Anderson approach among these approaches. For other approaches, the required values in the Calculation Coefficients form must be user defined.

At the end of all these operations, clicking on the OK confirmation button, the operations of the General Characteristics of Detonation are completed. 

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