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Current block model; is used to easily determine and calculate parameters such as planning, attribute, volume in a specific area. 

Filter Style / If all conditions are true

The blocks providing all of the ordered filter types are filtered.

Filter Style / If any condition is true

The blocks that provide any of the filter types are filtered.

F3: Add / F4: Edit / DeleteF3: Add to add a new filter rule, F4: Edit to delete a filter added, Delete buttons to delete the filter are used.

Block center values: The block is based on the center point of the model. 

Block points: The block is based on any point for the entire model. 

Block width: Block model width. 

Density: Density values attributed to block model. 

Estimation parameters are presented to the user as attribute values for the filter.

OperationAll sizes, smallness and equality values are available.
ValueThis is the section where user can create a definition.
Apply FilterFilter parameters are applied to the block model.
Remove FilterApplied filter is removed.
ExitFilter window is closed.
Clear All ConditionsIt allows you to clear all filters added with the help of F3 in the filter window.

Once the filter is applied, block model reports are filtered accordingly. 




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