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It is used to set measures to drills in lithology, Z value, depth or drill names and to exclude drills except given values. 


DrillIt is the part where drill or drills, that we want to display on the graphical interface during filtering, is written. Filtering can be done by entering multiple limitations. In the cases where * is chosen in drill section, filtering is applied to all drills. You can add to drill names to be displayed by pressing "+" or the last letter or number series can be displayed by putting * to the side of drill number (ex. K_1* = K_1, K_11, K_12 will be displayed).
ZIt is the part used to apply filter to drills below or above of a specific ground level.
DepthIt is the feature used to apply filter to drills below or above of a specific depth.
Attribute FilterIt is the part used to apply filter using values below or above the selected weighted averages (For example; Calorie, Ash, Humiditiy) belonging to attribute information.
Lithology \ SeamIt is the section used to apply filters, using the selected lithology or seam, to drills, in which the selected lithology or seam descriptions are present.
Show LithologiesIn the case where this feature is active, data belonging only to the selected lithology or seam is displayed on the graphical interface. In case it is passive, all logs of the drill will be displayed.

Results obtained according to the entered parameters shall be filtered on 3D display under Drills layer on data catalog. 





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