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“Corridor Analysis” is a Netcad product that can find the most convenient and alternative roads on given any terrain model with just the slope criteria. It can report the alternate routes advantages. While finding the route, restericted areas and areas such as farmland, wetland, marsh which can effect the costs can be used as criteria area, Tunnel, bridge and viaducts can be included to the solution. Produced routes can be used by the NETPRO module.

The route analysis between two points or more than two points that follows each other can be made using criteria areas and special structures in addition to geometric paramaters such as slope, lateral slope, level

With corridor analys module a lot of different parameter can brought together and synthesized. Optimal route is found by determining restirected areas, special structures, points needs to stop by, in addition to the parameters.

Corridor analysis can be done by using the height values in a lot of different structures.

Corridor Analysis can be done using different height data such as triangle module, DTM, GDEM, SRTM. There is no need for any extra procedure to use these data.

Criteria area which will be used in the corridor analysis can be given weight.

By giving weight and unit road cost to criteria areas, result of the analys can be improven.

By selecting restricted areas and special structures, full control is established on the road which will be designated.

By designating, millitary areas, lake areas, protected areas, the route which is to be found can be guaranteed not to cross from these areas. Bridge, viaduct, tunnel and special structures as such can be designated and prioritised on passing. Unit road cost can be entered for the special structures.

Previously found lines can be added to the corridor analys and can be compared with the newly founded lines or different routes.

In addition to designating the most suitable route with the given parameters, the lines which are pre-designated are added to the corridor analys and checked according to the parameters.

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