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The statistical values such as the length and the attribute related to the composite data in the project can be calculated by the program. In order to access this information, Statistics command should be chosen by right clicking on composite


Number of SamplesIt is the total data amount used.
MinimumIt is the minimum sample value.
AverageIt is the ratio of total value to total data amount.
MedianWhen the data is put in order from the smallest to the biggest, it is the value in between the data sequence. It is calculated; if the data number is an odd number, with the median value of the data sequence, if the data number is an even number, with the average of two values right in between.
MaximumIt is the maximum sample value.
VarianceIt is used to measure the deviation of the distribution values from the mean.
Standard DeviationIt is equal to square root of the variance.
SkewnessIt is used in determination of the simetry degree of the distribution. If it is positive, distribution is skewed to the right; otherwise, it means that the distribution is skewed to the left.

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