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Netigma Bundle Docker Installation



This page describes how to install Netigma application and its dependent services with the docker-compose tool.You can either install component images at once or install the images seperately. In this page the first method is given.

In the bundle installation, there are 3 docker images:

  • netigma/netigma : Netigma app image.
  • netigma/base : Base app image.
  • netigma/basedb: SQL Server image that contains the table and data that base will use


(info) You can use another database you specify, instead of the netigma/basedb image used on this page.

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  • Docker installed Windows 10 64bit: Pro, Enterprise - Education (1607 Anniversary Update, Build 14393)  or Windows Server 2016
  • Docker commands knowledge

1-Prepare Configuration File

An example, how to prepare docker-compose.yaml file:

version: '3.2'


    image: netigma/basedb
      - 5000:1433
      - SA_PASSWORD=1Secure*Password1
      - attach_dbs=[{'dbName':'NC_BASE_DEMO','dbFiles':['C:\\temp\\NC_BASE_DEMO.mdf', 'C:\\temp\\NC_BASE_DEMO_log.ldf']}]
    restart: unless-stopped
    image: netigma/base
      - 5001:5001
      - DC_BASE_APPPORT=5001
      - DC_BASE_DBCS=HostName=,5000;InitialCatalog=NC_BASE_DEMO;UserID=sa;Password=1Secure*Password1;Identifier=SQL Server
    restart: unless-stopped
    image: netigma/netigma:4.5.0-sl
      - 5002:5002
      - DC_BASE_APPPORT=5001
    restart: unless-stopped

Here you can download the example docker-compose file => docker-compose.yml

  • Instead, write your own host adress.
  • You can change port values with unused / open port values on your host computer.

2-Netigma Bundle Configuration

After updating compose file according to your own settings, write the following command to the directory where docker-compose.yml is located:

docker-compose up

3-Open the Application

After the command runs, you can start to use Netigma by opening e.g. http://localhost:5002 in the browser. Login page will open, you can login with the following default user credentials.

  • User: netadmin
  • Password: 1

After successful login you will be redirected to License Info page. On this page you can request your trial license by clicking the Register To Evaluate link, and you can start using Netigma with the license code that comes to your e-mail address.



(warning) In the basedb image, a simple password should not be used if you change the default password (1Secure*Password1) that is set for the database. Otherwise, the basedb image will not generate the user's password while it is running, and thus it will not connect to the Base and database of Netigma applications.

(warning) It is recommended that there are at least 4 GB of available RAM on your system. Otherwise, images may stop while running as container due to lack of memory.