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Design Mode


NETIGMA allows you to quickly design/edit pages, forms and its related objects (fields, tables). You can rapidly add things to the page that you are visiting: add new fields, add new groups; you can update information forms as adding new records; you can edit the things that are inside that page; Moreover you can design how should things look like (query result views etc. ) This page provides guides and examples about how you can use design mode; use it to edit your queries, query results views, info forms and edit the related objects and tables.

Only Allowed Users Can Edit

Design mode can be used only from allowed users.

Edit Mode on query page

In the figure below, editing query page is given. to enable the edit mode click on . Then you'll see the things in a dropdown list that you can edit:

Diagram not found. This diagram is linked to a page or attachment that has been deleted.

  • Edit Field: Provides a shortcut to go to the item's contents and edit them. This direct you to the field's location in the Column List of the object.
  • Delete This Field: Deletes field from query criterias.
  • Edit Object: Provides a shortcut to go to the related object from the Object List and edit it.
  • Add/Delete Query Field allows you to go to the page where the Query / Query Page Collection and Query Field are added / deleted under Object List.
  • Edit Query is a shortcut that allows you to go to the Query page under the Object List of the relevant query and edit it; change query criterias, query results and reorder things inside these places.
  • Edit Query Result, the shortcut to go and edit query result list.
  • Edit Query Page: the shortcut to go and edit query page
  • Edit Table: the shortcut to go and edit Table that is used in the query
  • Edit Workspace : the shortcut to go and edit workspace which is may required for map queries
  • Add New Field: To the query critarias area you can add new criteria, field from here. Just type the field name and drag it to the query criterai area or in a new group.
  • Add Group: Add new groping areas to group the fields. You may want to use it to organize your query criterias
  • Save: Click on Save button befor leaving the edit mode/ before clicking on End Edit option.
  • Other(New Form):Add new forms, with this you can create new query in a quick way. Steps how to do that :
  1. Click On New Form option

2. Then enter a name for the new form, and save it.


After saving the new form you can continue in the edit mode on the newly created form and design its query properties etc. At the end of your designs, click on Save button then click on on end edit. You'll be in the newly created page later you can select which query page you want from query templates:



Edit Mode on Form Page:

Information cards are generally used to enrich query result list. With edit mode you can add new record to your information forms, an desing the form:


Diagram not found. This diagram is linked to a page or attachment that has been deleted.

  • Save: Click on Save button before quitting the design mode.
  • New Record: You can add new records, for example data for some country that was not in your information form. Then click on Save button.The other editable things are similar to described above.
  • Add Group: You may want to add groups to catagorize the fields in the form. For example in the picture above General is a group that impllies the fields are general infos.
  • Other(New Form): Quick way to add new form. With this you can create new info Forms in a quick way.