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Operations After Simulation

Operations may be carried out for Block Model, Surfaces and composite data after simulation.

  • Expected Value,
  • Variance Value,
  • Interquartile Range,
  • Distinctive Value,
  • Possibility Values Above Binary Value,
  • Possibility Values Below Binary Value,
  • Average Above Binary Values
  • Average Values Below Binary Values are calculated.

Block Model, on which the Operations After Simulation will be carried out, is chosen from the 3D display. 

Attributes values belonging to estimation and simulations, applied to the block model are on the Attribute tab on the opened window. Attribute value, on which operations to be applied after simulation are chosen from this window. 

On Calculation tab, value to be calculated is chosen by clicking the checkbox. When Checkbox is clicked, attribute name of the value to be calculated is asked. Here, you can write an attribute name that will facilitate the application of the user. 

Operation is approved with OK button. Values that are calculated can be displayed on Block Features, Reports and attribute features. 

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