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Add Fault

It is the part that allows the fault to be added to the surface. 

Throughout the fault line, it is possible to construct the fault model by using fault type, slope amount and slope parameters. 

The fault line must first be drawn by entering the Fault Insert process with the right mouse button on the faults. The use of auxiliary point capture buttons for digitization during the drawing will provide great convenience to the user. After completing the drawing of the fault line, the drawing should be terminated by right clicking the mouse and the information about the fault properties window should be entered.

NameIt is the part where the new fault name is determined, which will be added to the data under the faults.
Fault TypeIt is the section where fault types are selected.
DescriptionThis is the section where the fault description is entered.
By extending / with elevation

It is a feature that allows the resulting model to be extended down and / or up according to the value of the elevation or the amount of extension. This feature can be used to control the underground extent of the fault plane to be added to the project or what units are cut.

Horizontal / Vertical Pulse

Charters of masses throughout fault line relative to each other.


The angle between the fault plane and the horizontal plane. The value is measured on a plane perpendicular to the line.


It is the intersection of the fault plane with the horizontal plane. The directional values of the points are calculated automatically by the program according to the plotted fault line.




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