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Read Fault

It is the part that allows the fault to be added to the project collectively.

By clicking on the Create Template section in the Read Fault window with the left mouse button, a new template can be created in the specified directory.

The following features of faults can be entered in the generated template;

  • Name of the fault, 
  • Description, 
  • Fault Type, 
  • Point no, 
  • X, Y, Z, 
  • Vertical Pulse, 
  • Horizontal Pulse and Slope data.


 Please click to display the structure of template.

Once the required columns are filled in the template, the lines in the window will be filled automatically when the excel file is selected with the help of the three dots button in the File section. When the window is closed with OK, the faults will be automatically added to the project. 

The properties of the faults can be edited with the right click properties operation on the faults added to the project collectively. 





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