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File Field 

It allows the user to select a file from the user's computer or from the server according to the data type in the relevant form field.

  • If the data type is Blob, it allows the form editor to load files on the user's computer 
  • If the data type is string, it allows the file to be selected from the specified directory on the server, and to load a file in that directory.


 Common Features of Form Editors

Form Editors


When entering data in a field in the Netigma forms, the form editors are used depending on the type of data and/or type of entry desired. 


Form editors allow the data to be entered in the desired format and data type. Form Editor in the Column Editor is selected from the drop-down list. 


For example if a numeric data is to be entered in a field, when the TextBoxFloat editor is used, the control applied by the editor will automatically prevent the non-numeric data from being entered. 



Form Editor Features

Group Features 

  • Group : Determines how the domain is displayed on the query page.
    • Active : Indicates that the ability to include the field within a group is active.
    • Target Area :  Indicates the region where the field will be displayed on the page.
      • Top : Indicates that the form will be located in the top region.
      • Left : Indicates that the form will be located in the left zone.
      • Right : Indicates that the form will be placed on the right zone.
      • Bottom : Indicates that the form will be in the bottom region.
      • Action : Indicates that there will be an area reserved for links and buttons under the form.

    • Text : it is the title of the grouped area.
    • Image : The icon that will be placed in the grouped area title.
    • Type : Determines how labels and icons are displayed during grouping
      • Text : It shows that only text will be displayed in the grouped area.
      • Image :  It shows that only images will be displayed in the grouped area.
      • Both : It indicates that the icon and the text will be displayed side by side in the grouped area.  

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Control Properties Object 

  • Max Length: Sets the MaxLength property of the related web control. For example, it can be the maximum number of characters that can be entered for TextBox.
  • Read Only : Indicates that the field is read-only.
  • Class Name : Indicates the CSS class name of the field For the Netigma application, there are CSS files defined in the CSS folder under the Application folder (example pathname: ApplicationLoader\CSS). CSS classes are defined in these files. This can be used in CSS definitions when defining form editor properties. Or you can add a custom file under the CSS folder and use it there. 





  • Validation
    • Active : Indicates that the validation is active.
    • Can be left blank : Indicates that the field can be left blank.
    • Error Message: It is the message to be given when the field is left empty. This error message is also displayed if other error message fields are not filled in.


Source Directory : It needs to be filled if the data type is string. The directory path ("Virtual path") where the file will be stored on the server should be written in this field.  

Form Screen View

The behavior of the editor on the form differs according to the data type. 


1. Data type BLOB:


When the data type is Blob in a field; it allows to select a file from the user's computer by pressing the "Select Files" button, and to delete the previously selected and saved file by pressing the "X" button. The file is displayed after the form is saved. 


2. Data type STRING 

When the data type is String in a field; it allwos to display the corresponding directory of the server in the file manager opened by pressing the "..." button and to load the selected file in the corresponding directory, and  to delete the previously selected file by pressing the "X" button.  

The file is displayed when it is selected without needing to save it.