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Add Access Road

It is a menu for designing side galleries at fixed intervals and lengths on drawn galleries. 

The following information must be entered when adding connection routes. 

Access Road Length (m)The length of the access road in meters.
Distance Between Roads, (m)Distance between two access roads.
Distance to Starting Point, (m)

This is the section where the gallery is to be created, from which information about how many meters from the starting point will start the access roads is entered.


It is used to determine how many connection paths are created. If set to "0", it will create a link along the gallery, according to the distance between the roads.

Slope, (%)

It is in percentage terms and forms inclined access roads in + and - directions.

Main Axis Angle, (0)

It is the angle made across which the access roads to gallery to be created. Degree-based.

Line Direction

It is used to determine which side of the gallery will be created. It is divided into 3 directions as left, right and both.


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