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Add Curve

It is the process used to soften the bends between two galleries with a certain radius. 

For the curvature drawing to be created, two galleries intersecting with each other must first be selected or selected from the midpoint using the turning point of the single gallery with turning point. The radius value of the arc to be created in the curve window to be opened after the selection operations must be written.The angle step specifies how many degrees the curve arc will be generated. 

The Radius and Angle step is displayed as a preview of the curve to be created when entering the Create Curve operation after the entries. If you want to change the value, you need to change the window, go into the setup process, select the lines to be added, and the new radius is displayed as a preview. 

If the radius and angle step values are appropriate, click the Apply button. In the Gallery Properties window that opens automatically after the process, the gallery properties of the curve to be added must be entered. 




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