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Add Gallery

It is used to create galleries, in underground gallery design, that can be chosen from existing library or profiles created by the user on Netpro/Mine towards the specified route.

After entering the Add Gallery operation, route should be drawn for galleries to be created. In route drawing; elevated point or linear measurements of gallery axis are digitized using proper point capture functions.

Drawing should be finished with a right-click after the route is drawn and General, Fortifications, Ventilation Data and Pressure and Resistance Calculations sections should be filled in the opened Gallery Features window.


Name, Profile Type and Group Name tabs under General tab must be filled with information.

NameThe name given to digitized gallery.
ProfileIt is the section where gallery profile type, that will be attired to digitized gallery axis, is chosen. As standard profiles can be chosen from the profile list that is opened with three dot button (Trapeze-6, B-10, Prof-1, B-14 etc.), profiles also can be designed and added to the library as user defined. Ex: Trapeze-6: 6 square meters, Trapeze-14: 14 square meters sectioned trapeze iron link fortification.
Group NameIt is the feature that allows for the groups previously created with New Group operation and the digitilized gallery to be added into the group.
Gallery TypeIt is the section where the type of the digitilized gallery is determined (Main Gallery, Connection Road, Loophole, Production Gallery etc.).
Gallery StatusIt is the section where status info (Planned, Processed, Filled, Being Processed) of digitilized gallery is determined.
Processed DistanceIt is the section where the processed distance information in the gallery is written.
Filled DistanceIt is the section where the filled distance information in the gallery is entered.
VolumeIt is the section where volume information is calculated according to the selected gallery profile and length.
Surface EntryIt is the section that allows to display the gallery inlet by cutting the surface in the part where gallery corresponds to surface.
DescriptionIt is the section where descriptions can be written regarding the digitilized gallery.

It is the section where information regarding which fortification type is used in the gallery and which Fortification Range / Thickness (mm) and Usage Ranges are added to it, can be entered. 

In the case where fortification information is entered fully; which fortification type used how many times will be calculated according to gallery length, fortification thickness and usage range within gallery detail report which can be obtained from Gallery List window by right-clicking. 

 Ventilation Data

In Ventilation Data section; Friction Coefficient, Friction Factor, Air Density and Air Circulation Amount values to be used for ventilation are entered. Here, Length, Active Area, Active Environment are calculated according to the drawn gallery and automatically presented to the user by the program. 

 Pressure and Resistance Calculations

In Pressure and Resistance Calculations section, Pressure, Resistance and Shock Struts to be used for ventilation should be defined by the user. 

It is possible to create a gallery with default definitions without even opening Gallery Features window. Here; Gallery Name and Profile are assigned automatically as Default mandatory definitions. Gallery name is named with the number, which shows what rank it has in the project (Gallery1, Gallery2 etc.). Profile, however, always comes with "Trapeze 6" at the beginning. 

There are two ways to access the feature windows of created galleries.

  • Gallery Features can be interrogated with Object Features and features can also be changed from the opened "Gallery Features" window.
  • This window can be accessed by double left-clicking the gallery name in the Gallery List and updated.

In order to make a drawing without Gallery Features window; "Open editing window while drawing gallery" checkbox in Settings > Preferences > General should not be selected. 




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