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Add Spiral

It is a feature that allows the practical application of ramps that allow access to the ore, particularly used as the main ramp. 

The spiral drawing to be created must be indicated on the 3D screen of the start and end points which are seen as references. 

These selected points will be the center line of the design. From the start point to the end point, it is created with a certain slope and radius in this direction. 



Indicates the incline on which the spiral is to ascend in a round.

Slope UnitIt is the section where slope units, such as Percentage, Grade, Grad, Radian can be selected.
Radius, (m)

It is the radius of the circle to be created from the center point. That is, one turn is completed after the given distance.

Number of SegmentsIndicates how many broken pieces form the spiral. If the number of segments increases, a more circular drawing will be made.
Match with EndIf selected, the spiral ends in the second selected point. In this case, the nearest slope value is used which is equal to or lower than the slope value given.
Rotation DirectionThe spiral moves clockwise or counterclockwise according to the selected parameter.
SideIt is the parameter that allows the spiral to occur to the right or left of two selected points.




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