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Gallery List

The summary information of the galleries added to the project is displayed collectively in this window.

The following properties of the galleries are displayed in this window;

  • Group Name,
  • Gallery Name,
  • Surface Entry,
  • Section,
  • Gallery Type,
  • Length,
  • Description,
  • Gallery Status,


Please click for details of these features.

With the help of the Show column in the Gallery List window, the visibility of the galleries on the graphic screen can be managed by switching between active and passive mode. 

The following features can be accessed by right clicking on the Gallery List window. 

 Show Details

The Gallery Properties window opens when you enter Detail View on the selected gallery. Changes in the properties of the opened window can be made. 

You can also access the Gallery Properties window by double-clicking on the relevant gallery in the list with the left mouse button. 

 Detail Report

It is the section where the details of the selected gallery are reported. You can access the gallery detail report which can be taken automatically after the process from below. 


 Take Limit

It is a feature that allows the selected gallery to be moved to the 3D screen limits. 

 Show All

It is a feature that allows viewers who are brought to passive status in the gallery list to be displayed collectively on the 3D screen. 

 Delete All

It is a feature that allows the drillings in the gallery list to be deleted from the gallery list and from the 3D screen. 


On the drilling list and 3D screen, it allows for only the selected group to be displayed. 




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