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Ventilation Calculation

When the data for the Friction Coefficient, Factor, and Air Intensity are filled in the Ventilation Data tab while the gallery data is being generated, the galleries will be automatically calculated when the right button is clicked on the Ventilation Calculation tab. 

Ventilation Calculation 

Amount of air to be provided: 

1.)   Number of Employees = 

0.01 m3/s air per person is required. 

Qpeople = number of people x 0.01 

2.)   Machine Park = 

For the 100 Kwatt machine, 7 m3/s air is required. 

Qmachine = 7 x (n Kwatt/100) 

3.)   Air Needed for Dust = 

Ed = Dust emission rate (Dissipation rate) (mg / ton) 

Cd = limit value of respirable dust (mg / m3) 

P = Production rate (tons/hour) 

Qdust = (Ed/Cd) x (P/3600) (m3/s) 

4.)   Air required for methane =  

Eg = Gas emission rate (m3/s) 

Cg = limit of gas concentration limit (% by volume) 

Qmethane = (100 x Eg) / Cg 

5.)   Explosive Amount = 

t = Ventilation time (t) 

W = Amount of explosive used (kg) 

V = Volume that requires ventilation (m3) 

Qexplosive = (0,4/t) x (W x V2)1/2                                                                                     

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