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Geological Modelling | Multiple Surface Operations

It is a tool that enables geometric operations between surfaces and the production of solid models. According to the stratigraphic order, edit bottom surface and edit top surface operators work automatically for geometric operations between surfaces.

SurfaceIt is the section where the active surfaces in the data catalog are displayed.
LithologyThe lithology information selected in the surface creation process is automatically displayed in this section.
OrderThese are the values ​​that show the surface orders after the surface ordering process. 1 represents the youngest lithological units.
OrderingAfter selecting the line representing the surface to be ordered with the left button, it can be placed with up and down arrows. In terms of geological age, the youngest lithology should be placed at the top and the oldest ones at the bottom.
ResetIt is the option that allows the ordering operations to be returned to the beginning.
Only Add Surfaces that ChangedAfter the surface ordering processes, the surfaces that have been changed by the process of editing the lower and upper surfaces are produced as a new surface. Unchanged surfaces are not produced as a new surfaces after this process.
Add Solid ModelIt is the option used to automatically add solid models to the project by creating a solid model between surfaces after surface editing operations.

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