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Object Relation List


Relationship definitions between objets is used to prepare sql queries for objects. The application knows which object (table) will be bound to which object (table) when defining a SQL query through defined relationships. 

Relationship definitions between objects are managed from the "Object Relations List" screen, you can define new relationships between objects, update or delete them.  


Object Relation List Operations

The Object Relations List screen has a tree view that shows the relationships between existing objects and other objects under it. To open object relation list go to Management>Framework operations>Object Relation List

Select an object from Meta Object dropdown List: You'll see tree form object relation lists (If defined before)

    • You can update relationship information with the "Edit" button
    • Delete relationship with Delete button.

The following screen shows the relationships of the selected object (İş(geofenis_is)):



You see that selected object has relationships with the other objects.


"Add Relationship" button opens the relationship definition window. This window can be used to define the relationship between two objects by using equations.

The relationship definition window contains the following fields:

  • From where: Relationship start field.
  • To where: Relationship end field. For example, in order to define a relation between a province and district, the province should be selected for From where space and district should be selected to for To where space.
  • Starting Object: The initial object for each equation that will form the relation.
  • Starting Field: The field from the initial object for each equation that will form a relation.
  • Finish Object: The end object for each equation that will form the relation.
  • Finish Field: The field from the end object for each equation that will form the relation.


When the Add Relation button is clicked, the prepared equation is added to the definition of the relationship. Note that, more than one equation can be added to relation. When you finish relationship definitions, click Forward button to save all definitions. 


For example; Let's define a relationship between object A and object D. This associated direct can be defined as A to D, or [A to B] [B to C] [C to D]. The equations that should not be forgotten here are where to bridge between objects. 

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