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KEOS Disaster Information System Application is a Disaster Information System project in which all elements that can be defined as a disaster object are digitized and shared with citizens, nearest hospital, pharmacy and gathering areas can be queried with the shortest path analyses.

An application is prepared for easily accessing and if required reporting address information in case of disaster by creating all vital information such as post-disaster gathering areas, temporary housing/tent areas, priority roads, alternative routes, civilian evacuation roads, areas to build field hospital, all hospitals, pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, traffic control points, locations of disaster stations, advanced distribution and logistic support points, water stations, bakeries, cold storages; all public institutions, municipality service buildings, district offices, police offices; water valves, fire hydrants; first aid coordination centers, ambulance standby points, patient collection centers on intelligent maps.

It is aimed to prepare disaster plans covering transparent procedures in comprehensive and rational decision-making process, to create a web-based disaster map in order to allow the data produced in the local government to be used by anyone.

Data Update Tool (VGA) where data with correct geographic coordinates and and textual data can be entered into the database supported system

Disaster areas, disaster objects, drinking water supply lines, disaster point objects, temporary housing tent areas, field hospitals, gathering areas-parks, places considered important within the disaster and priority roads are entered in correct coordinates with the data update tool.

Disaster Guide where all disaster objects can be viewed and queried in association with roads and doors

Disaster Guide which enable viewing all disaster objects entered or updated with VGA and making shortest path analyses such as nearest hospital, pharmacy, etc. is prepared.

Rapid access to and effective use of information

The project meets the need for fast access to and efficient use of information while the Municipalities fulfill the duties defined in Municipality Law No. 5393 and Disasters Law No. 7269.

Belnet menu for the Disaster Map to be displayed and the reporting regarding Disaster objects to be made

Under Queries menu, reporting with the information required is possible with search by disaster object type or name besides the address information. Reports can be prepared by sending the query results to excel or word.


    • Aydın
      • Nazilli Municipality
    • Istanbul
      • Ataşehir Municipality
      • Ümraniye Municipality
      • Kadıköy Municipality
    • Bursa
      • Nilüfer Municipality
    • Çanakkale
      • Çanakkale Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate (New)


Target Group
  • Municipalities
  • Special Provincial Administrations
  • Public Institutions