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KEOS.CITYGUIDE enables the citizens to reach all the details of their city like POI (pharmacies, health centers, religious facilities, museums, markets and etc) 360 panoramic images, structure photos and satellite images interactively through the geographical information system established within the scope of municipality. KEOS.CITYGUIDE is an application developed for the citizens to have them reach the brief information about all the important places through the icons displayed on map and to have them analyze the nearest route to these places.

Map icon designs simplify finding the layers searched for

All the information and panoramic views of the hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, public transportation routes, filling stations and etc can be displayed through maps.

Through easy-to-use data updating tools, the citizens could always reach the accurate address information

Through constant updating the data produced in the standards of General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality, it is ensured that the citizens could always reach the accurate information.  The images and panoramic views of a street, building or of an office could easily be displayed.



The Application of Pharmacy on Duty

Application is displayed on the CITYGUIDE map and enables the tracking of pharmacies on duty day by day. Citizens could easily display the detailed information card having the address, telephone number and the name of pharmacist.



Integration with Directorate of Technical Works

The operations performed by Directorate of Technical Works could be tracked through CITYGUIDE map.

Integration with Parks and Gardens Directorate

The operations performed by Parks and Gardens Directorate could be tracked through CITYGUIDE map.





E-Zoning Integration

Zoning query could be done through the guide points of E-Zoning integration.  





360 Integration

Presents the panoramic images of the guide points of 360 integration as spatial on the map.

Shortest Route Analysis

Marks the shortest route between two location and gives the details of the route as well as the distance.



Netcad Knowledge Sharing Platform

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Technical Videos

Sample usage of City Guide Application

İstanbul Municipalities


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