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KEOS E-Zoning is a zoning status query application made available to citizens at the municipalities.

Application enables sharing plan decisions regarding the property with citizens in the internet environment 7 days and 24 hours. In addition to the contribution to the citizens by providing this service via the internet, it is also aimed to save time by preventing the zoning directorate to be busy mostly just with the information requests.

E-Zoning Application Features;

  • Access to Zoning Status Documents using block/parcel and/or address data
  • Access to Current Plan Decisions, Plan Notes and Restriction decisions
  • Operability through the City Guide
  • Transparent Municipality approach providing information directly to the citizens

KEOS E-Zoning application reduces the workload of the Zoning Directorate by enabling the citizens to access information requests mainly keeping the Zoning Directorate busy through the web without the need to go to the municipality. Citizens can get informative reports on the status as per the zoning plan and plan notes with Block/Parcel, Address criteria before their official applications. All available documents of the location selected on the map are instantly viewed by access via City Guide. Through the authorization and approval mechanisms of KEOS E-Zoning application which is quite important for municipality staff and managers, documents are both archived safely and do not become public when they are not approved. As the accessed forms can be directly printed out, they can also be saved in many formats such as pdf, doc, xls, rpt.

Data provided is always current

E- Zoning application uses the current data of the municipality. Thus the work of the municipality staff is made available to citizens immediately.

Specific notes can be added to the regions or regions can be closed for query

Although this service provided is very beneficial to the municipality, sometimes some regions may have to be closed to public or a notification message may have to be sent before displaying even if it is open because it is at planning stage or for other reasons. In that case a note can be added by putting a restriction to the desired region. In this way access to the data can be prevented by displaying the notification in queries within the restriction area or displaying the data can be enabled by turning off the notification.

The application can be prevented to preclude the institution web site

At the institutions where the application is running, it is realized that citizens need and use it a lot and the E-Zoning application is accessed directly without even entering the institution web site. In such cases, it can be ensured that citizens first enter the institution web site and then proceed with E-Zoning application and they are automatically forwarded to the institution web site when direct access is tried. Also the visits to the institution web site can be increased in this manner.

  • Istanbul
    • Ataşehir Municipality
    • Kadıköy Municipality
    • Tuzla Municipality
    • Kartal Municipality
    • Maltepe Municipality
    • Ümraniye Municipality
    • Beylikdüzü Municipality
    • Esenyurt Municipality
    • Başakşehir Municipality
    • Esenler Municipality
    • Beşiktaş Municipality
  • Edirne
  • Edirne Municipality
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