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KEOS Technical Works application is designed to allow municipalities to manage projects and operations they carry out under Technical Works, make queries and get reports and display spatial distributions of these works using thematic maps.

Technical Works Unit is an important unit contributing largely to the budget of the Local Governments and also managing high budget tenders. It is important that the works, expenses and tender processes conducted in these units are calculated, reported and queried monthly and annually.

Online tracking of all on site works with map support

Activities carried out under Technical Works such as road maintenance, repair, infrastructure can be tracked by the citizens over the Internet. Storing daily activities of the teams in the system along with their photos provides basis for creating the Technical Works Archive.

Enables identification and control on site by Mobile Applications

District/Road based works and production based on works can be queried, cost calculations and reports can be prepared with advanced reporting tools.

Tender Tracking

Information on the tenders of Technical Works Unit can be stored with Technical Works application. Tender archive is created by storing registration numbers, tender titles, tendered company names, tender procedures, tender date, contract amount, bidding and signatory staff information of the tenders of Technical Works unit. Tender information is entered through the Belnet application published on the web.

Work and Production Tracking

Enables creating the information regarding the Works carried out under Technical Works and entering specified attribute information. Platforms where different queries can be made using this attribute information with Belnet Application are created. Attribute information for Works such as Work Title, Start/End Date, Work Status, Tender Number, Company Name, Tender Date are entered by the users.

Works with attribute information created and entered with the Data Update Tool can also be queried and reported via Belnet Application under Technical Works Menu.

Production based on the Works carried out under Technical Works is first created with Data Update Tool and specified attribute information is entered. Thus the agency that owns the production created based on the works, place of work, production type and production amount can be tracked.

Road Inventory Data Tracking

Inventory data of the roads in the system can be entered under the Technical Works Module. Desired road can be queried and entire inventory data of the road can be entered via Belnet.

Administrator Tracking Panel

Work objects and attribute information entered with Data Update Tool can be controlled via Belnet Work Tracking menu. Data on work that is Overdue, End Today, Ongoing and Entered with Wrong Date is accessible with the Work Tracking menu.

  • Edirne
    • Edirne Municipality
  • Gaziantep
    • Şehitkamil Municipality
  • Konya
    • Selçuklu Municipality
  • Trabzon
    • Trabzon Municipality
  • Istanbul
    • Beylikdüzü Municipality
    • Esenyurt Municipality
    • Silivri Municipality
    • Başakşehir Municipality
    • Ümraniye Municipality
    • Ataşehir Municipality
    • Kadıköy Municipality
    • Maltepe Municipality
    • Kartal Municipality
    • Sultangazi Municipality
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