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KEOS Request and Complaint Tracking Application enables various requests/complaints to be collected in a request pool, classified and made available online to organization officials from any point with internet access, even from the remotest point of the city. Transparent Municipality services are provided by enabling the citizens to track their requests online throughout the process and get involved in the solution.

  • Managed with KEOS Process Manager infrastructure
  • Municipal services are provided more efficiently and quickly
  • All claims are collected at one point, classified according to subject, relevance and priority
  • Authorized organization staff is notified by e-mail or Belnet application

Complaint data can be entered along with the coordinates of the point marked on the map.

Add Complaint option is selected from the menu opened by pressing long on the point on the mobile map where the complaint will be entered. Fields in the Form opened are filled in. File adding section allows you to use the features of camera etc. provided by the mobile capabilities. After required files are added, complaint is forwarded to the concerned department and the process is tracked by providing a tracking number to the user.

User Groups
  • Local Governments
  • Public Institutions
  • Citizen
  • Companies engaged in field work