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KEOS Business Permit is an application that can be managed as integrated with the Address Information System, that includes nature and operating conditions of businesses associated with geographic data and enables tracking permit process. Verification of the data is important for performing analyses such as conformity check and for using the outputs to increase the municipality revenues and in a beneficial manner. Retrieving Business Permit of an independent section, examining the nature and operating conditions of that business will not only enable the municipalities to save time in both permit issuance process and the field checks but also will help the practices be more healthy. Also the advanced reporting capability allows the businesses to be reported with various criteria and tracked on the map.

Data entry as per the standards set by local governments

The information cards prepared during business permit entry provide basis for standard data entry. Required fields in data entry guides the user to produce accurate data.

Printable forms are prepared for Business Permit over the data entered with the reporting tools

Printable forms over the data entered can be easily printed out.

Business Permits can be tracked with Map Support

Business Permits entered associated with the numbering data in the system can be displayed on Map, GE and Netcad.

Business Permit Processes can be tracked

Business permit processes can be tracked with process management. The stage that the permit is at and the permits at each stage can be queried via the panels prepared.

Work Permits can be prepared on Holidays

Holiday Work Permit data entry prepared to enable the licensed businesses to work on holidays can be carried out through Belnet menus. Related printable forms can be filled in automatically with the data entered and printed out.

  • Kocaeli
    • Izmit Municipality
  • Istanbul
    • Esenyurt Municipality
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