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KEOS City Guide with addresses, satellite images, 360-degree panoramic images, photos of buildings and structures, POI’s (pharmacies, health and education facilities, places of worship, historical places and places to visit, shops, etc.) may be displayed in an interactive manner through the geographical information systems infrastructure established within the municipality.

Keos City Guide is an application open to public that enables important places within specified borders to be displayed with icon layers, the summary information about these places to be accessed, shortest path analysis to be made.

Map Icon designs allow the layer searched to be found easily

With City Guide application, information and panoramic images of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, public transport routes, gas stations and similar places can be accessed on the map.

Address information kept current with easy to use data update tools provide the correct address to the citizens

Data generated in NVI Standards on are continuously updated and the citizens can access the most accurate address information. Photo or panoramic image of a searched building, business or street can be accessed.

  • Istanbul
    • Ataşehir Municipality
    • Kadıköy Municipality
    • Tuzla Municipality
    • Kartal Municipality
    • Maltepe Municipality
    • Ümraniye Municipality
    • Beylikdüzü Municipality
    • Esenyurt Municipality
    • Başakşehir Municipality
    • Esenler Municipality
  • Edirne
    • Edirne Municipality
Target Group
  • Local Governments
  • Special Provincial Administrations
  • Public Institutions