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KEOS.MEBIS enables collection of existing data infrastructure of Cemetery Directorates in a common database, these data to be accessed quickly and efficiently, reported and published on map. Allows the citizens visiting the cemetery to see how to go to the grave and printout the route by means of a KIOSK. Thanks to the system that can be accessed over the internet, citizens can learn where, at which cemetery their relatives were buried and access photos of the cemetery. The feature of reading aloud Yasin-i-Sharif is available in MEBIS application interface.

Citizens can also get information about the burial and related procedures from the KEOS.MEBIS interface. If deemed appropriate by the Cemetery Directorate, it is also possible to select the burial area from the application interface.

KEOS.MEBIS can provide information about the historical places in the cemetery and the graves of important people and contribute to the promotion activities.

Since it was developed on Netigma and NetgisServer platforms, it can utilize all capabilities of these systems.

It can utilize capabilities such as the reporting capabilities of Netigma and map functions provided by Netgis with SDK.

Any raster and vector data (satellite base, topographic map, etc.) available at the Authority can be used as a base.

KIOSK support

Public use of the software is possible through the KIOSKs to be located at cemetery entrances for the citizens visiting the cemetery. With the shortest path feature, it has the capability to display on screen or print the route from the entrance to the grave.


  • Trabzon
    • Trabzon Municipality
  • Kırklareli
    • Lüleburgaz Municipality
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