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KEOS.MOBILGIS, the capability to access all city data from a mobile environment significantly improves the ability of the units especially working in the field to do the job. When we use classical methods, preparation should be made for field work; cartographic drawings such as plans, land survey, satellite image should be printed; outputs such as related licenses, owner lists should be obtained and prepared data should be entered in the field. However, it was not possible to avoid time-consuming processes such as going to the municipality again and repeating drawings when a data is required for the adjacent parcel. All information is at your fingertips by mobile access and you can use all layers simultaneously.

The Product works in Windows Mobile, IOS and Android devices. These devices are being used at the field in an efficient manner especially due to the rapid increase in IOS and Android devices in our country and the investments of GSM operators operating in our country in the 3G infrastructure. Thanks to the global positioning systems (GPS) in all these devices, field location can be automatically positioned and the data can be presented to you.

  • Runs on Ipad and Iphone (IOS) and Android. Prepared with HTML 5 properties. Also works in other HTML 5 supported mobile browsers.
  • No local data is kept, data is received via internet connection.
  • Opens Belnet information cards, so all data can be accessed in line with the permissions.
  • Uses the map layers defined in the Server and their definitions.
    • Double-click zoom-in
    • Enables multi-touch zoom-in, zoom-out with two fingers (browsers before Android 4.0 does not support this feature)
    • Allows map scroll by dragging with one finger
  • Obtains data from geometrical objects surrounding marked point, searches in search layers defined in the server.
  • Makes searches
    • Makes searches through all defined columns of the search layers defined in the server.
    • Performs go to map operation through query results
  • GPS use
    • Geographic coordinates produced by the device are received and converted into map coordinates.
    • The map zooms in to the relevant point.
    • An icon marks the GPS point found.
  • Category Manager
    • Next to the categories list, there are selection boxes showing on/off status of the categories.
    • User opens or closes desired category by clicking the selection box in the list.

  • Istanbul
    • Bagcilar Municipality
    • Maltepe Municipality
User Groups
  • Public Institutions
  • Local Governments
  • Citizens using Mobile Devices for operations