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Lock Content Update

RDA and NCLIC files are generated for operations such as Netcad add-on module purchase or license date updates. The NCLIC file updates single user content on 64-bit computers, while the RLU file updates both Single User Locks and Network lock contents on 32-bit machines.

Single User Key Update

* .NCLIC file is used for updating single user locks.

  • When the file is on the desktop, the NCLIC file must be dragged and dropped onto the Netcad shortcut with the drag-and-drop method. This process automatically updates the lock and license and opens Netcad.
  • Users can also update the NCLIC file by double-clicking on it.


This process can be used after Netcad 6.0 GIS, GP 13.

Network Key Update

For network locks, only license files (RLUs) are produced. Users can access the RLU folder there. After inserting the *.RLU file, perform the following operations.

Update with RLU file;

  • Install hdd32.exe by running as administrator,
  • Run NCRLU.exe,
  • Serial No line and Update button will be active, click the Update button to update the lock.
  • If the Update button is not active, install the Lock Driver (?).
  • After the installation, run the NCRLU.exe program again to complete the Update process.
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