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Map Action


Map Action sends the query results to a map, this is done within the given parameters. This type of datasources can be used in display editor's and menu's action definitions.

  • To use it, first go to Management>Netigma Developer> Object List 
  • Select an object/table from the list. And add new column( you may call it Map). Then select Link for its display editor.
  • Then select Map for action type. 



Layer Name *: The column name of the data to be retrieved.

Layer Primary Key Column *: The primery key of the layer.

Parameters: Within the parameter identified as: The WorkSpaceName = WorkSpaceName, the map will be allowed to be opened on another workspace. The parameter that is added to this field is actually will be added to the end of the URL. For example; & WorkSpaceName = WorkSpace. For the details about parameter identification see here.

Primary Key Column *: The object id of the currently selected object.

Target: The tab to open the map, can be selected.

Report Name: For the selected object, the defined reports can be viewed and selected from here. A new report can be added by pressing the + button on the side.

Workspace: Parameter can be defined in the map operation of any workspace defined on the server. When the map process is performed, the map is opened in this workspace. When this part is empty, then the defined workspace will be used.

By filling the fields above: the object ID of the Primary Key Column matches with the primery key of the Layer Primary Key Column, and returns the data from the Layer Name.

* When these fields are not filled, the layer of the current object's infos for this field is automatically found and the fields would be filled.


If display editor selected as Link and action type as Map, and the the Map column is selected to placed in query result collection then you'll see the maps like this:

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