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Map Form Editor


Map Form Editor

When adding new record from info card:

  • Netigma is an editor that allows you to view a map from an external map source, add markers on the map, and mark locations.
  • This editor creates the map with the parameter that is sent to it and marks the incoming coordinates by marking it on the map. (Find the user's location and show it on the map)
  • It facilitates to fill the fields in the information form according to the selected area or point on the map. (SEE examples)


On the information card opened for the purpose of updating the record, the map form editor displays the coordinate information of the relevant record. It is passive.

Editor Definition window:



If the buffer is given, it will search the user's location in an area as the buffer value in order to filter out the text drop-down list editors. If the value is set to 0, it filters out an area in 100 meters by default. 

 Layer names to be closed : The name of the layer in the map information coming from the SDK and not required to be shown on the screen is specified here.

The layer names to be closed are separated by commas: Geoneighborhood, parcel, geodoor 


Layer name to be closed as above = geoneighborhood defined map form editor for pre-definition, post-definition view is as follows.  

When the Layer Name field to be closed is empty

Layer Name to Close= geomahalle it is defined

The layer that draws the boundaries of the neighborhood is displayed as yellow lines.

The layer that draws the boundaries of the neighborhood is not displayed.

The map form editor does not use the common properties of the form editors.

Form Screen View

New Record Information Form: 

In the new registration information form on which the map form editor is located, a location is selected from the map. When you go to the form fields and double-click, information will be displayed according to the related coordinate data.

In the following screen image,

  1. The SDK from the map form editor has been selected as the source.
  2. By clicking on a point in the boundaries of Kavaklı neighborhood 
  3. Select button is pressed.

When the coordinate data is selected, double-clicking on the Road Name and Neighborhood Name form fields shows that only the road and neighborhood information that the coordinate belongs to comes from the drop-down lists.



Record Update Information Form: 

When the information form of an existing record is opened, the record's coordinates in the map are selected and marked. 

Giving Coordinate from URL: 


In the case where a coordinate data is required to be entered into the form, &mcoords=enlemkoordinatı:boylamkoordinatı is appended to the end of the form, as shown in the following sample URL. Enter is pressed. 


The entered coordinate is displayed in the map as selected. 

If you want to update the coordinate by selecting the area with objects with point geometry (eg, GEODKAPI), a warning message will be sent to inform you that the geometry will not be updated, and if any, updates other than geometry will be reflected in the record. 

Adding a new record with area update or coordinate update option or area information should be used for objects with polygon geometry (eg GEOMAHALLE). 



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