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Interactive Solid Model

Interactive Solid Model operation is used to create instant solid model according to bending amount and sampling detail between two selected cross sections. Volume information of the solid model appropriate for the defined values is also calculated instantaneously. 

Bending Amount


Automatic:It is activated if you want to automatically adjust the bending amount.

Model Sampling DetailIt allows for more often sampling of points that create cross section lines. With the increase in detail, performance will be decreased but model accuracy will be improved. When the lowest value is chosen, operation is carried out without sampling on sections.
Normalize Cross Sections

Min. Point Distance: Minimum distance of every line segment on section line. For example, if min. point distance is given to be 5; all points between A point and B point with this distance are deleted. 

Min. Angle: It is what degree every sequential line segment will be on the section line. For example; if there are 360 points for 360 degrees in a circle; if it is given 30 degree minimum angle will be 360:30 = 12 points and circle is turned into a dodecagon.

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