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Intersection operation is used to create inter (auxiliary) sections between two sections. 

Created cross sections are saved in automatically created layer in Cross Sections tab under Catalog. 

Number of IntersectionsNumber of intersections to be created between two sections.
Simplify Cross SectionsIf this is activated; simplifying is carried out on sections considering min. point and angle distances.
Min. Point DistanceMinimum distance of every line segment on section line. For example, if min. point distance is given to be 5; all points between A point and B point with this distance are deleted.
Min. AngleIt is what degree every sequential line segment will be on the section line. For example; if there are 360 points for 360 degrees in a circle; if it is given 30 degree minimum angle will be 360:30 = 12 points and circle is turned into a dodecagon.




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