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Through Enterprise Client, any corporate solutions in the organizations, where most departments responsible for production and change of the spatial data are located, and in cases that the data is obtained from different sources. In this sense, any data, which is complicated and difficult to reach and use, become data submitted from one source, and reached when necessary. Thus, most users work simultaneously on one source. 

Data Download and Update

Through Enterprise client, any data is downloaded in a local disk in a structure, which complies with the prepared templates to produce and update any spatial data found in the database. Updating is conducted in geometry and verbal information of the downloaded data. 



Sharing, Template Support, Reporting Offline Working Possibility 

It allows unlimited sharing of spatial data. 

Most users edit any data found in the central database simultaneously. It enables to share any spatial data online.

A standard structure is obtained by a template support in data.  

The projection system eliminates any differences. A data part taken from the server is divided in versions. The versions are interrogated.

Reporting of Changes  

The forwarded data is compared automatically to first data. The changed geometry and attribute information is informed.

Through Export/Import data option, it enables to work offline.  

The user downloads the data partially to his/her own computer. The user conducts any addition, deletion or change on this data. The user forwards the edited data to the server. 

Technical Videos

You may see any work examples including titles such as Report Design, Question Result Customization, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Transaction History, Language Support, Netigma Information Sources, Special Page Addition, Netigma Component Creation, NCDN Introduction, Question Templates, Homepage Design, etc. 

Netcad Knowledge Sharing Platform

The knowledge sharing platform where Netcad technical experts give 7/24 technical support service, over 50,000  members  ask questions at any moment.  

If you are not a membernow is a great time to be a member.

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey  

General Directorate of Vegetable Production  

  • Mera Information System 

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey  

General Directorate of Cultural Heritages and Museums  

  • Immovable National Inventory System

Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs of Turkey  

General Directorate of Forest 

  • Forestation Information System
  • Forest Cadaster Information System
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