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GISARA is a desktop KEOS application that examines and shows the data, via an interface. This data is produced and managed in different units in a Corporation. With this application, while making a search in an information at the database, the desired geographical location can be accessed quickly. Cad and Raster inputs are managed aslo with this application. Currently ready and orthophoto sheets are loaded quickly to the point displayed on the screen

Among the Different Data Interrogation and Views

The application makes possible, at different layers, at different sets of data, supports to query but also allows displaying data of multiple data layers

With this application, users can manage spatial and non-spatial data together; associated with data sets, photographs can access additional documents, such as scanned files. Furthermore, the application offers support for any questioning of the spatial query support. Query results obtained by GISARA can be reported in different formats such as KML, XLS, DOC 



Database Independent

Block Parcel Search: The parcel search query in the database is run with the block parcel search, results can be listed and desired parcel can be drawn on the screen. Also there is filtering opportunity in the query results.

Address Search: Neighborhood based streets and the doors tied to this street may be listed with address search function.

File Layer: CAD and raster files in the system can be bringing to the screen for the desired region with file layer (plot add-remove). There is also adding to the project option for CAD files here.

Database Layer: Spatial data contained in the database and can be drawn to the screen with this function.

Ask the location: It has a feature that collects variety of spatial information on a single screen which is belonged to an area.



Technical Videos

You can watch work samples consisting of Report Design, Customization of Query Results, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Transaction Logs, Language Support, Netigma Information Sources, Adding Special Pages, Creation Netigma Component, NCDN Demonstration, Query Templates, Homepage Design.

Netcad Knowledge Sharing Platform

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