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Data Update Tool(VGA) is desktop solution that can, access the data in the user's jurisdiction and has the ability to produce and update the data. VGA Works interactively with Belnet application on Netcad program. With VGA users can update the data on locational databases dinamiclaly, geometric and attributes in an orderly fashion, 

The Convenient Interface, Availability of Quick and Easy Data Update

VGA offers the opportunity to quickly and easily update the data with user-friendly and convenient interface. In the system otherisation can be done for each user. The allowed user can update the otherised data. Doing so disables wrong intervention to the data. In addition, all the procedure steps, done by who and on which date information are all kept under recording.



Data Update

Many layers such as parcel, building, plan border can be transferred geometrically to the database along with attributes information or existing data can be updated with DUT (Data Update Tool). There are four main functions in DUT.

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Query

These functions are located in the toolbar side by side in the upper part of the DUT display.



Technical Videos

You can watch work samples consisting of Report Design, Customization of Query Results, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Transaction Logs, Language Support, Netigma Information Sources, Adding Special Pages, Creation Netigma Component, NCDN Demonstration, Query Templates, Homepage Design.

Netcad Knowledge Sharing Platform

The knowledge sharing platform where Netcad technical experts give 7/24 technical support service, over 50,000  members  ask questions at any moment.  

If you are not a membernow is a great time to be a member.


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