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What is Nethydro?

'Nethydro' is the Netcad module which automatically detects flood areas with the corporate standards and using the necessary data for the appropriate calculations of flood analysis.

In this sense;

  • Rainfall Analysis , extreme distribution of rainfalls are automatically calculated with the 6 different possibilities. The best results are formed by using the method Simirnov-Kolomogorov. (Maximum data can be used daily or monthly with this process)
  • Flood Flow Calculations, by calculating the peak flow with 4 different methods, users may detect standards appropriately in different precipitation frequencies if desired,,
  • Flow Calculationsby automatically calculating bent limits, cross sectional width of the range and upper and lower inclination and so on, you can easily identify options with different cross sections. 

TIN model or rasters which include altitude data must be added to the Project in order to perform the Basin Analysi. Triangular Model, DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) and NCD (Netcad grid file) may also be used.