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'Nethydro' is the Netcad module that allows determining catchment areas and the flow arms in areas based on flow model as well as analyzing the flood risk areas by calculating the flow rates according to the years and the peak discharges of hydrographs.

Modelling the Catchment Areas and Drainage Networks By Just One Process

Through Nethydro, only digital terrain model is enough for modelling the catchment areas and the flow models of your working area. By just one process, you can model the main catchments, catchments, sub-catchments and the drainage networks feeding these catchments. Catchment area and drainage network modelling could be also be realized according to a chosen point on digital terrain model.

In analyses conducted as per D8 Flow Model, the cumulative flows and flow directions can be automatically calculated for each catchment area, data such as harmonic slope, length, etc. for catchment area and perimeter, catchment vector, catchment shape, flow arms obtained for catchment areas can be easily obtained from the database.  

Catchment areas can be classified as main catchment, sub catchment, etc. based on the number of cells and the size of the catchment.


Catchment Areas and Flow Arms are Formed in GIS Structure; Flood Rate Inputs are Calculated Automatically

In Nethydro, all the parameters needed for flood rate calculations of main catchments, catchments, sub-catchments and the drainage networks feeding these catchments modelled in GIS structure could be calculated automatically and written to the related columns of database.

Length, harmonic slope, cumulative current, etc. values of each flow arm; catchment area, catchment shape, catchment vector, catchment perimeter, center of gravity, etc. values of each catchment can be calculated automatically and used in flood rate calculations during modelling process.


“Rainfall Analysis” are realized by Real Measurement Data Acquired from Rainfall Stations

Nethydro provides rainfall measurements for 15 years acquired from General Directorate of State Meteorology. Rainfall analysis are automatically realized by Simirnov-Kolmogorov test and the program advices the best distribution type which will be used in flood rate calculations.

Rainfall analysis results based on years realized by 24 hours rainfall analysis data are used in flow value calculations with automatically calculated “Rainfall Area Distribution Parameters”, “Pluviograph Parameter” of the station which affects the catchment area mostly, “Maiximized Factor” values and the “Slope Number” parameter.

Nethydro also calculates the “Slope Number” value automatically based on the different type of hydrologic land groups on which the catchment area is located.


Peak Discharge Calculations based on Unit Hydrograph and Flood Rate Calculations by Years are automatically realized

Nethydro automatically realizes the unit hydrograph peak discharge calculations as based on the methods of “Mockus”, “Synder”, “Rational”, “Synthetic” and “General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works’ Synthetic” and then report the results by providing hydrograph graphic.

The calculations of “Flood Rate” by years are automatically realized by multiplying the unit hydrograph peak discharge value with the flow value calculated by rainfall rates.


The Lines of Flood Risk Areas are determined by Flood Analysis

Nethydro determines the probable flood lines by years according to calculated flood rate.

Flood crossings could be provided as skewed, vertical or user-defined form.

Flood lines of each crossing based on flood rate could be followed dynamically by Hecras crossing follower.


Technical Videos

Sample working videos titled as Report Design, Query Result Customization, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Language Support, Netigma Information Source, Page Insert,  Netigma Component Creation, NCDN Definition, Query Templates an Main Page Design could be watched.

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