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Netigma has two type licence models.

Developer Licence: The licence needed to develop project/product.

Runtime Licence : For the server on that Netigma will run, runtime licence is needed. Licence will be done for each server.


FeatureNetigma RuntimeNetigma Developer
Data entry, change in query interface(tick)(tick)
Report building/editing(tick)(tick)
Menu building/editing(tick)(tick)
Folder archive talents(tick)(tick)
Google Earth integration(*)(tick)(tick)
NetgisServer map server integration(*)(tick)(tick)
Netcad GIS integration (*)(tick)(tick)
Query results export talent (Word,Excel,Pdf,Html..)(tick)(tick)
Statistical queries, graphic reports and thematic map creation(tick)(tick)
Building user identified sample queries(tick)(tick)
Preparing a personal page oppurtunity through WebPart/Portlet features(tick)(tick)

LogServer application for operation records

Process management application (State Server) (tick)(tick)
Authorisation (group&user creation) Application (Authentication Server)(tick)(tick)
New table and object description(error)(tick)
Coloumn add, remove, change(error)(tick)
Remove the object(error)(tick)
Object relations definiton, remove, edition(error)(tick)
Preparing new data entry and query interface(error)(tick)
Backup/Restore activities(error)(tick)
Module preparing, module loading(error)(tick)
Multilanguage support(error)(tick)

Developing and loading a new component to use in Netigma


Developing new applications by using Netigma API systems and install them to Netigma


Netcad Developer Network (techical support and access to help documents for software developers over NCDN)

Self documentation and test tools(error)(tick)
Scheduler Server(error)(tick)
Change of application visuality (theme, banner, login, etc.).(error)(tick)


(*) NetgisServer requires standart licencing.


Netcad Developer Network

Netcad Developer Network (NCDN) is a platform that presents all the necessary documents like libraries (API) and code samples for developing softwares by using Netcad as well as giving technical service. Detailed information about adding special pages to Netigma or developing Netigma's components is also included in NCDN platform.To reach that platform, membership is a necessity.

For the access to NCDN click...