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Mine OPT is the mine planning solution that exploration and mining companies can use when they need to evaluate the most financially suitable mining strategy for a deposit.

It is an important tool that mining companies can use to determine their investment strategy and to come up with mining plans that maximize profitability considering real mining constraints.

Mine OPT provides reliable results and is used to determine scope, feasibility, mine life planning, and ongoing re-evaluation of mine plans throughout the production phase.

Since pit optimization alone is not enough to reveal the full economic potential of your business, Mine OPT also provides mine optimization and helps deliver significant increases in project value.

Mine OPT is a solution designed to optimize and run models with its 64-bit platform.

To assist ever-growing datasets, Mine OPT also includes, in addition to Lerch-Grossmann, the Pseudoflow algorithm famous for its speed of generating pit models for large datasets.

Technical Feature Brochure

Exploration Studies

  • Understand the value of the potential reserve
  • Identify locations for future drilling operations
  • Quickly produce the economical surfaces

Project Scope Studies

  • Determine economic sustainability, capital, investment, and development strategies

  • Determining project sensitivity and assigning resources accordingly

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies 

  • Determination of preferred development strategy, capital investment, expected NPV and optimal excavation sequence, block extraction
  • Identify strategies to reduce risks that may occur during the project operation stages
  • Determine the final reserve amount for the deposit

Reliable Feasibility

  • Calculate the expected return on investment
  • Calculate sensitivities and investment risks
  • Reduce risk by considering multiple scenarios
  • Get fast and reliable results using up-to-date optimization algorithms


  • Determine the strategic direction of the mine; cut-off value and post-optimization cut-off value; mining areas and order of extraction for each period; determine development strategies for new mines and periods
  • Re-evaluate mine plans based on changing conditions
  • Produce annual reserve reports

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