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Simple Reserve Estimation (Voronoi Method)

It is an added feature to create Voronoi areas using borehole data and to make a simple reserve estimation. With this feature;

  • It can produce the Voronoi areas surrounding the boreholes according to the attribute and boundary you have determined.
  • It can calculate the effective depth and Voronoi area information of the borehole within each area.
  • The volume can be calculated using the area and depth information found.
  • The minimum and maximum attribute values can be calculated and by defining certain slot ranges, the total volume within the slot ranges can also be calculated.
  • Voronoi areas can be thematized according to the specified slot ranges and the results can be reported in excel.

Multiple Boundary Selection for the Surface Cut Operations

Multiple boundary selection can be made and the inside or outside of the selected boundaries can be cut from the surface.

Multiple Surface Selection for the Combine Surface Operations

In the surface combine process, the merge can be made by selecting more than two surfaces now. The desired number of surfaces can now be combined at once with this development.

Limiting the Implicit Model with the Surface

New features have been added so that the solid model produced by the implicit modeling process can be limited between the surface bottom, top, or between two surfaces. With these added features, selected surfaces can be used as constraints during solid model creation.

Limiting the Implicit Model with the Seam Surface

İmplicit modelleme işleminde, modelin otomatik olarak damar yüzeyi ile sınırlandırılabilmesi için ayarlara yeni özellik eklenmiştir.

Solid Model Cut Operation (Surface)

A new feature has been added so that the solid model can be cut according to the surface bottom and top.

Add Borehole | Coordinate Selection from the 3D Screen

In the "new borehole" operation, now borehole coordinates can be selected from the graphic screen. The location of the borehole point on the surface can be selected by using snap features.

Angle Calculation with Two Point Selection

In the angle measurement process, an improvement has been made to calculate the angle value with a two-point selection.

Borehole Filter Operations

New capabilities have been added to the borehole filtering operations.

  • Borehole group can be selected as a criteria.
  • Selection of existing areas while filtering with boundaries.
  • Filtering the boreholes according to the seam/vein criteria.

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